Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coffee: morning pick-me-up or thorn in my side?

This morning I decided that while it is a sad fact .....
I am awful at making coffee.

Don't laugh or joke, this is quite sad.
No matter how hard I try it always turns out a mess.

Take this morning for instants:
Put in filter, add water, add grounds, 5 mins later...disaster.
The filter has collapsed and my coffee looks more like dark cloudy water
with dirt floating at the bottom.

This happens weekly no matter how hard I try to get the filter to say up ( I've tried fluffing it, smashing it into the sides of the maker, yelling at it, crying....and nothing works)

I thank the Lord for roommates and there skills of coffee making and sharing

I did how ever make a bomb piece of toast this morning. It may have been the best I have ever had.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Surfing the waves and net

I made it....I am alive!

I went surfing and the waves were the biggest I had ever seen in person. The guy I rented the board from was like " you do know that the waves are breaking over's really big....(he said lots of other surf terms and I just smiled and said "uh hu" because it was like he was speaking another language) and then finished by say- Just don't die on my watch."
(Sierra and I heading to the beach)

And of course, I grab the bored and went right into the water. I mean, I had surfed once before and got up at least 3 times so I thought I would be ready for those beastly waves..... this was pretty much the end result

I am also still on the job hunt and so far no leads, but I'll keep ya up-dated on that!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just the beginning...

Wow, today marks the 3 week mark for living in San Diego. It seems so strange that I was living and working in TX and then boom- I live in San Diego. New house, 6 new roommates, new city, new everything....What an adventure it is to follow Jesus!

Here is a picture of my section of bed room...(the room is way bigger with a fire place and 2 other beds...i painted that blue desk and i like it)

Oh and I am pretty sure I am now rockin a killer tan :)